Episode (67) – How to find your massively transformative purpose


In this episode, host Kevin Bees shares a question that has helped 1,000’s of people improve the quality of their life, and the lives of those around them.

This question has empowered one client to grow his business from 3 to 33 people in 6-9 months.

This question will help you connect with people much faster, since they will intuitively get to ‘Know You, Like You and Trust you’, meaning you can get the kind of employees and customers.

‘Why do you do what you do?’
‘What is you Massively Transformative Purpose?’

Why is this questions so important?
– Because, as Simon Sinek tells us – ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’; so actually getting clear on WHY you do what you do is powerful to create connection and relationships

– In this episode, Kevin Bees shares examples of purpose from Tesla Cars, Google, Ted Talks

– What are the important ingredients of a purpose per Peter Diamandis ?
1. It’s unique to you
2. Has you feeling inspired take action every day
3. Engages the Heart and The Head
4. Declare with sincerity and confidence

– The Purpose of Life Changing Question comes from the beliefs:
We are what we think about most often
If we change the way we think, we can change the quality of our life
Success leaves clues – model the thinking of the best!

– The purpose of ‘Life Changing Questions:
To discover and share ‘Life Changing Questions’ to empower others to improve quality and quantity of their life.

Question to ask:
Why do you do what you do?
What is your Massively Transformative Purpose?

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-Massively Transformative Purpose – Peter Diamandis
TED Talk
– Why great leaders inspire action –
Simon Sinek
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If just one question could immediately transform the quality of your life or the results of your business, would you want to know what that question was? Life and business strategist, Kevin Bees, interviews success masters to discover their life-changing questions. Welcome to the Life-Changing Questions podcast.

Welcome to Episode No. 67 of the Life-Changing Questions podcast. Today I’m gonna start off with a celebration. We have just achieved the great goal of 10,000 unique downloads. So I wanna start off by thanking you for listening, thanking you for subscribing and thanking you for sharing this with other people and if you haven’t shared these great episodes with other people yet, then now please go ahead and do so. There’s so much value coming out from these calls that I want it to get into the hands of as many people as possible. Now, today’s episode is gonna be slightly different than normal. Since I’m celebrating with you these 10,000 unique downloads, I’ll just do a quick recording for you personally rather than an interview today. So this is going to be a little bit shorter episode, but it’s going to be very powerful, very punchy; so stay tuned. The topic I wanna talk about today is to give you a question that comes up again and again for me whilst I am coaching and mentoring my clients. And the question I’m gonna share with you is really had a major impact on the clients who have understood the question and applied it. For example, one of my clients went from having 3 staff members to 33 staff members in a period of 6 to 9 months as a result, I believe, of asking this question. I know this is also a question that, when you apply, is going to help you attract new people to your life, its going to help you attract, if you are in business, new staff members, new customers and it’s also gonna help you be even more focused on delivering [0:01:50] delivered or being a person you want to be. Now what is this question and why is this so important?

The question is “why do you do what you do?” “Why do you do what you do?” or said in another way by Peter Diamandis, the author of the book ‘Abundance’. He says, what is your massively transformative purpose? So I don’t mind which way you ask this question. “Why do you do what you do” or “your massively transformative purpose” because what you’re gonna find is when you ask this question today, it’s just going to help you get more connected. It’s gonna help you more people know you, like you and trust you much faster. Now why is that the case? Why will people know you, like you, and trust you much faster and wants to do work with you as a result of this question? We can just turn to our friend, Simon Sinek. Now I don’t know if you ever had the opportunity to see his TED talk. If you’ve not had the opportunity to see the TED talk, check out kevinbees.com/podcasts, where this episode will be and you will be able to see the page notes on there, of his video. Now the main message of his video TED is that he says people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Now why is that the case because people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do because when they understand why you’re doing something, they connect with you on an intuitive level, a gut level; there is something in their instincts that tells them that this is someone I need to be working with, this is someone I need to be connecting with. So people who believe what you believe, are going to be attracted to working to you. Now it’s so important that we can define what we believe that we can be very clear on what we believe because then that allows people to hear that from us and connect with us.

So let’s go back to this client who went from having 3 staff to 33 staff. I asked him one day in one of our mentoring calls, now why is it that you do what you do? And he thought about this. He said, well, because I can earn great money doing what I do. And that’s a good answer, but that wasn’t quite what I was looking for because the reality is, he could make great money in any number of industries that he worked. He is a great marketer; he is a very shrewd businessman. So I wanted to know why specifically this industry? Why specifically are you working in this area? Now the area he was working in is in financial services. He is helping people find their lost [0:04:07], their lost retirement funds and giving them an ability to find these funds and [0:04:11] so they have the funds even when they retire. So we kept probing the answer [0:04:14] so why is it you do what you do? Like, why you are here in this particular industry? And he said, Well, Kevin, my father is at the age where he needs to retire and he’s [0:04:26] so he can’t afford to retire and he really is at age that he’s retired. So I believe that people should be able to have the funds they need to retire. You know, they should the funds that they need to retire when they need them. Okay. Now what was interesting, when he defined that, when he said that, when he got clear there, he believes that everyone should have the funds that they need to retire when they want to retire and he started sharing that with his team members and they started to sharing that with their clients. It made a major difference to his organization because immediately what happened, his team members weren’t just trying to churn through the phone calls and get through the numbers, they were to find the people that they could work with, they [0:05:05] asking on every call, this could be my mamma or this could be my dad. How can I help them find the funds that they need to retire so that they can have the funds when they need to retire? And it gave them a much different purpose and focus on the call. Now, of course, the client on the other side of the call also felt this because they then also got that well, the reason these people are here is because they wanna help me find the funds that I need to retire when I want to retire. So they got in, as we spoke about Simon Sinek, they got in based on their intuitive or gut feel that this organization is here to serve, this organization is here to help me get the thing that I want to get the outcome that I want. So that’s one great example. There’s many more. And this is a restaurant that I work with and they decided that their purpose was actually to bring happiness on a plate. Now imagine that. If you go into the restaurant and the staff aren’t just taking the food from kitchen and [0:05:55], they are bringing happiness. Now if everyday they are focusing on how do they make the experience happier for the customers or they bring happiness on a plate, it improves the experience for the customer again and again and again.

I had another client, so I am using some best examples, but maybe for you who are not focused on business right now. Maybe very much like my wife, her focus right now is on bringing up our child. We have a 10-month-old daughter. Now I [0:06:20] some mothers and one of the purposes that I hear come up frequently from mothers who are focused on the child, the purpose may become to make sure that my child grows up healthy and happy. Now if that’s their purpose then that’s what they focus on every day, that’s really fantastic. So there’s a few great examples there.

Let’s share with you some examples of some larger companies. You probably gonna know who these are soon as I give the example. So, which organization’s purpose is it to organize the world’s information? Yeah, if you just said Google, you are right. Their massively transformative purpose or their purpose is to organize the world’s information. How about ideas worth spreading? If you guessed TED talks then you would be right as well. And how about, who do you think in the company who has purpose to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport? If you said Tesla electric cars then that would be the case as well. So Peter Diamandis who wrote the book “Abundance”, as I said before, he calls this not just your purpose, but your massively transformative purpose. Your massively transformative purpose. Because he has a belief that we are powerful as individuals. He says an individual driven by a purpose can change the world. An individual driven by a purpose can change the world. And he explains that there are several things that will help us and make a very solid purpose, something that we can live by, something that we can use. And the characteristics that he shows is, number one, that your purpose should be uniquely yours. You won’t be copying someone else’s. You don’t wanna say that you are here to organize the world’s information like that’s what Google does. So make sure that your purpose is unique to you. The purpose ideally should be something that inspires you and gets you going. So [0:08:11] my client to make money or make lots of money – it was good, but that’s not gonna inspire him and motivate him and get him going every morning, but knowing that he can empower others to get the funds that they need to retire when they want to retire – that was inspiring to him and to his team members. And as a consequence, he’s actually managed to find and invest like hundreds and millions of dollars for his clients as a result of having that purpose. His growth was rapid as a result of that.

The other element that Peter Diamandis explains and he says that we should be able to have a purpose that engages both our hearts and our mind. So something that gives us meaning and something also challenges to find the way or make that happen, okay? And then of course it’s something that we would, our purpose is something that we would want to declare with sincerity and confidence. So you are thinking about this. I wondered what is the purpose then of the life-changing questions podcast. Like I’ve had this motivation, this drive, this passion to keep going for, you know, where we are now 67 episodes and 10,000 downloads, where did the purpose for this podcast come from?

Now I think its a few beliefs that I have that really [0:09:17] the idea for this podcast. Number one is that I have a belief that we are what we think about most often. Or put in another way, I believe that if we change the way that we think, we can change the experience of our life. If we ask ourselves better questions, we get better answers, we take better decisions and get a better quality of life. It’s a fundamental belief I have. I also believe that success leaves clues meaning which if I can find someone who’s having a level of success in an area that I want to have success in and then understand what is their thinking, what is the questions that they are asking themselves and I can learn those and apply those – that’s gonna help me improve the quality of my thinking and my life. And of course, I also believe that if I can share these findings with other people to help educate them, inspire them and entertain them so that they can apply these questions in their life, then that’s gonna make a difference to the listener, to the quality of their life and even the people around them.

Now what is the purpose of this podcast then? Well, I would guess it [0:10:18] you discover and share the life-changing questions to empower other people’s to improve the quality and quantity of their lives. That is what I think my purpose is for this particular show. I think [0:10:29] mind? Yes. Does it inspire me? Yeah. I get very excited when I can jump on the phone and interview someone who has something valuable to offer and share it with you. Does it get my heart and my mind [0:10:41] 100%. Well, I have to think about what are the topics, what do I wanna bring, what do I wanna share and from the heart point of view, knowing that it’s gonna make a difference to your life when you apply the question [0:10:53], if one question changes your thinking or your life by 1% interaction, over a period of years and decades, that’s gonna make a major difference to your life by the end. So yeah, that absolutely gets my heart and my mind going. And is it something I can declare with sincerity and confidence? Yeah. I am so sincere. If I can help you discover and use some life-changing questions to empower the quality and quantity of your life, hey, I’m in. I am all in on that.

So [0:11:18] quick recap then from my rounds today. The question I am encouraging you to ask is “Why do you what you do?” or “What is your massively transformative purpose?” If you ask that question and get very clear on the answer, make sure that [0:11:33] uniquely yours? Makes sure inspires you, gets you going? [0:11:38] connected with your heart and your mind? And it’s something that you are willing to declare and share with confidence? Then you’re gonna feel happy that you got a very clear purpose here. So, just a quick recap then the question we currently asked today on episode 67 is “Why do you do what you do?” or “What is your massively transformative purpose?”

I would love to hear from you when you come up with your purpose and you are clear on your purpose. Feel free to share with me. I love getting feedback from you when you listen to the show. I know there’s a heap of you who have been subscribing. I have been gracious enough to receive some amazing feedback from some of you. If you have a great experience, you had a good insight or there’s something else you wanna learn or know or someone that you think would be really great coming to the show, let me know. Reach out to me on kevin.bees@gmail.com. So kevin.bees@gmail.com. And make sure you share. Pass this episode around, pass the other episodes around. I’d love for us to grow our number of listeners and empower more people to discover their life-changing questions to bring the quality and quantity of their lives. Thank you so much. Have a fantastic week and keep asking those life-changing questions.

Thanks so much for listening to the life-changing questions podcast with your host, Kevin Bees. We’ll catch you next time.

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