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Episode (65) – How to create your personal brand


Jane Anderson is a personal branding expert with over 20 years of experience. She has worked with over 12,000 people on having more impact and influence in their careers and businesses. Jane’s clients include Virgin Australia, Ikea, Lego, Mercedes Benz, Cisco, Australian Medical Association and the University of Australia.

On today’s show,

Jane talks about the importance of creating your personal brand and why you need to have and nurture your tribe.

Jane also covers,

• The background on how she has become a personal branding expert
• Why you have to understand the value of your name and reputation
• What does she mean by ‘people buy from people’
• People want to know and buy you – they want you to educate and teach them
• How she has managed to reestablish herself by finding people who knew that she could do her job through LinkedIn when she has lost 30, 000 dollars
• The number and metrics that really matter are the number of people who are in your database, and not on your social media
• You need to have and nurture a close relationship with people who are your tribe by keeping in touch and caring for them
• What is and how her Lead Generation Indicator works
• Her Life Changing Questions are: ‘What’s the benefit of this happening?’ and ‘If I had my time again, what would I do differently?’
• One situation when these questions helped her by making her realize that she has to innovate, redesign and think differently
• How she removes decision fatigue
• What are her habits and rituals
• Thing on her bucket list is to meet and learn from people with great energy and a sense of purpose


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