Business success is not created by one person but by a team, aligned with a unifying vision, who are given the right amount of autonomy, purpose and the skills and training to create mastery.

As the organizational leader, are you confident that your vision, culture, and management systems are getting the best from your team?  If not, your business results are not what they could be.  Even if you are at the top of the industry right now, if you don’t get this right, you are unlikely to stay there long.

Your coach is highly trained to see the patterns that are holding you back and installing the skills you need to propel you and the team forward.

Imagine having the expertise of an experienced master coach running a ‘hands on’ results workshop at your premises over 1, 2 or  3 days.  What would it be like to have the whole team:

  • Aligned behind the vision and connected with purpose
  • Each member having the psychological skills to diminish overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and the success psychology of the top 1%
  • Having instant productivity increases of 10%, 20%, 30%+
  • Creating a clear culture with new standards of ownership and leadership.
  • Seeing significant changes in sales revenues.

We can customize and tailor a workshop to your unique requirements.

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The results of your business depend on you and your leaders ability to understand financial indicators, to create relevant information that allows you to make effective decisions in a timely manner.  If you are like most business owners, you’ve never been taught how to effectively understand the language of business:  numbers.

  • Do you or your leaders have the financial information they need, when they need it to make the decisions that will help your business thrive and prosper?
  • Are you or your team fearful of the numbers and dread looking at them?

Kevin has been awarded for over 10 years of strategic leadership in this area by the CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountants), and has been relied on to successfully turn around the profitability of several household names.

Imagine what it would do for your business if you and your team could

  • Easily understand key financial terminology
  • Effortlessly read and understand the profit & loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statements
  • Create meaningful budgets that raise the standard and performance of your organisation
  • Understand the critical breakeven point
  • Devise powerful tools to predict results and trends before problems arise
  • Know how to structure a business case assessment to ensure financial success.
  • Overcome the negative associations and fear around numbers so they are never an issue again

This workshop is run in a fun, easily digestible way, with activities and exercises so that participants walk away with applicable skills and not just theory.

Do you want to attract more clients?  Or grow your business faster?

With the speed of change it can be hard to know what to do in order to succeed in business marketing.
The good news is that there is a success formula that I’ve been teaching that with a great team that has been empowering business owners growth across Australia, Canada and USA.

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PS: In this workshop you will learn:

  • The power of relationship marketing
  • Psychology of your ideal buyer
  • How to stand out
  • How to create a constant flow of new clients
  • Navigate social media trends and create a growing profit    Use coupon code ‘Bees’ for 50% off.

We can customize and tailor a workshop to your unique requirements.

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Kevin is a professional who becomes part of your team. Communication is the biggest key and Kevin is such a dynamic thinker and implementor. Every person needs a brilliant circle of Influence around them to enable growth and Kevin Bees is by far one of my best choices.

You have had massive impact on my life Kevin. You are a very valued member of my team and by far one of my best investments.

NameNameSharon ‘Wildthing’ Anyos
NameNameSharon ‘Wildthing’ Anyos5x Female World Boxing Champion

Kevin is the most dynamic and capable individual you could hope to meet. I have used Kevin’s services twice in UK and Australia, and I have always been impressed with his enthusiasm and ability to resolve issues and motivate teams.

Ian Craighill
Ian CraighillCFO of Roche Group Pty Ltd

Kevin is an enthusiastic and hard worker who can be trusted to deliver quality results.

Keith Onslow
Keith OnslowExperienced Business Leader & CFO

Kevin has a unique skill set of not only being a very talented numbers man but more importantly having very strong broad commercial understanding of the business. He connects extraordinarily well with people and listens to their challenges before delivering results that everyone commits to. He thrives on pushing himself outside of his comfort zone to achieve personal development which makes him a valuable asset to any business.

Peter Beveridge
Peter BeveridgeDirector of Operations & CIO

Kevin is a strong presenter and is able to clearly articulate complex information to a wide audience.

Elizabeth Gaines
Elizabeth GainesNon Executive Director - Fortescue Metals Group Ltd

Kevin is an excellent facilitator of the Business Coaching group I am in.

An expert at financial management and very knowledgeable about business strategies – he is able to share these sometimes complex concepts with the group in a meaningful manner.

Doone Clifton
Doone CliftonBusiness Owner & Leader

Kevin Bees expertise has helped our business become more organised, allowed us to define clear goals as well as the pathways to reach those goals.

Cristian Gallardo
Cristian GallardoBusiness Director

Kevin’s coaching does what it says on the tin: keeps you on track; offers an avenue for sound advice; produces attainable goals. And he’s a good guy to boot. Highly recommended.

Shane Szeto
Shane SzetoPartner at Another Recruitment Company

Kevin is a professional senior finance person with an engaging style and the ability to contribute both strategically and operationally across an entire business. It was a pleasure working with him.

Scott Hartwigg
Scott HartwiggCFO

Kevin Bees is very versatile and has the capacity to be deployed in many corporate settings – like stepping in to manage a large business unit or leading a functional team to solve an intractable business problem. Kevin is a very well-liked team player and consistently receives positive feedback from his colleagues, staff and managers that he interacts with.

Gareth Turner
Gareth TurnerCFO (ASX Listed Company)

Attitude determines Altitude. Kevin helped me regain a positive attitude. I thank him for that. It had been years since I’d been at the top of our companies ‘sales stats’ but I became a top producer in our company again several months in a row.

If you are facing some tough personal or professional challenges. Do yourself and the ones you love a favour. Invest in becoming the best version of yourself. Commit to time with Kevin Bees. I’m lucky to have made that wise decision.

Terry Precha
Terry PrechaLeading Real Estate Sales Expert

Kevin is a fantastic mentor that I strongly recommend to anyone that is seeking coaching assistance for his approach and over all style is one that emphasizes confidence, flexibility, commitment, dedication to results and above all a sincerity that is second to none.

Andrew McNichol
Andrew McNicholSenior Consultant

Kevin Bees is the best coach I ever had. Results orientated, attentive, always asking the right question

Eva Simak
Eva SimakSenior Engineer and Project Lead

Kevin Bees held me accountable to my benchmarks, lifting both my expectations and goals. It was a highlight of my week connecting with him to brainstorm and get his unique angle on things.

Sean Heathcote-Marks
Sean Heathcote-MarksProperty Consultant

Kevin Bees is a passionate coach that delivers, constantly challenging the boundaries of what is possible. Kevin can help you get to the next level.

Juan Martin
Juan MartinSenior Consultant

Kevin Bees has helped me in so many areas of my life, in such a short time period.

He has been instrumental in smashing so many goals.

I would recommend Kevin to anyone that would like to take life to the next level.

Tim Saunig
Tim SaunigDirector and Business Owner

Kevin Bees is great at guiding new ideas and helping shape plans to make them happen. I have seen great results since working with him both in business and personally development

Joel Colthorpe
Joel ColthorpeCreative Director and Business Owner

Kevin Bees is a passionate coach, he is constantly challenging you and pushing the limits of what is possible.

His extensive experience allows him to find a solution to all the issues, in the business and personal.

Kevin helped me to move forward in life and in my company.
I went from a technician to an Entrepreneur in lest than a year.

You have had massive impact on my life Kevin.

Ruben Ardiles
Ruben ArdilesDirector & Business Owner

Kevin Bees quickly cuts to the core of the issue unlocking the real story instead of the nonsense we tell ourselves. Kevin has also been used to inspire our sales team, unlock their limiting beliefs and install a new standard throughout our company.

In a world where performance coaches are everyone, Kevin is a stand out performer.

David Orth
David OrthBusiness Owner & Director